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Eric Baize

Eric Baize

Eric Baize is Senior Director of the Product Security Office at EMC Corporation. He leads the Product Security Office with company-wide responsibility for product security and supply chain assurance, covering vulnerability response handling, security development lifecycle implementation, supply chain risk management, coordination of security certifications and integration of RSA technology in EMC products and solutions. More ...

Impact of the GNU C Library getaddrinfo() Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (CVE-2015-7547) on EMC/RSA Products

On February 16, 2016, security researchers publicly disclosed a vulnerability in the Linux glibc library, which is commonly found in Linux-based operating systems. The glibc DNS client side resolver is vulnerable to a stack-based buffer overflow when the getaddrinfo() library function is used (CVE-2015-7547). A remote attacker could create specially crafted DNS responses, which could cause the library to crash or potentially execute code with the permissions of the user running the library.

Following the disclosure of this vulnerability, we immediately initiated a review of EMC Information Infrastructure and RSA products to assess any potential impact. (more…)

Secure Design in the Limelight

The launch last week of the IEEE Center for Secure Design is an opportunity to remind the industry of the prominent role of secure design in building secure IT products.

Security engineering requires three main technical activities: Secure design, secure coding and security testing. Much of emphasis has been put by the industry on secure coding and security testing and much less on secure design. That is unfortunate. (more…)

Assessing the Security of Acquired Software: One size does not fit all!

The following post was co-authored with Steve Lipner from Microsoft and originally posted on the SAFECode blog.

Customers frequently ask all software developers – including SAFECode members – how they can be confident in the security of the software they acquire. We are well aware that acquired software can introduce new vulnerabilities into IT environments and that risk managers need a method for assessing the security of the IT products they procure and the impact those products may have on the organization’s risk posture. (more…)

EMC Product Security Sessions at the RSA Conference

This week in San Francisco, tens of thousands of security professionals are gathering for the the RSA Conference. For the seventh year in a row, representatives from EMC’s Product Security Office have been selected by the conference program committee to speak in a session. If you are at the conference, come an meet one of us: (more…)

Building Trust through Product Security

builtin securitySoftware powers everything – end-user devices, applications, networks, storage, data centers and clouds – and is therefore taking us into a software-defined world. Can we trust software that powers IT? We must, as we strive for resiliency against outages and advanced threats as well as to meet regulatory compliance. (more…)