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How Product Security Protects & Enables Our Customers to Move the Ball

Reeny Sondhi

Reeny Sondhi

Reeny Sondhi is Sr. Director, Product Security Engineering at EMC Corporation. She is responsible for driving the strategy and execution of EMC’s software security program including EMC’s Security Development Lifecycle, a company-wide initiative to build secure products. She also leads EMC’s common security engineering technologies and the EMC Product Security Response Center, which is responsible for managing and resolving security vulnerabilities in EMC products. Additionally, she has responsibility to lead the security certification strategy and program for EMC products. More ...

78460200As a sports fan, I have a tendency to compare sports with my daily job. In the case of American football (apologies to readers who don’t follow), I always compare the role of the offensive line in protecting and supporting their quarterback to make plays to the role product security plays in protecting and enabling our customers to do business. 

During the playoffs I am amazed at how success depends on strategy and specifically how offensive plays called by a coordinator create a successful line to protect the quarterback. A lack of a good offensive line creates risks for the quarterback just as lack of product security can create risks for our customers and make them vulnerable: (more…)